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We can take your initial concept idea through to a full project engineering specification with analysis and feasibility reports. If you do not have a concept or idea in your field, we can help to develop that for you as well.



All your ideas, concepts, drawings, files, communications and products are treated with the strictest confidence and are assumed to come under a non-disclosure agreement, as is normal when a patent application is under way. Help in the form of our engineering resource may be available to aid the application of a Patent.


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Where possible a component will be used in your design, which has to be 'programmed' with its operating characteristics before it is functional. Once programmed, these characteristics cannot be extracted, thus giving you security in your product, preventing 'copying' and preserving your Intellectual Property.


Hardware Design

designFrom your ideas we can help to create a product specification that will meet your requirements, and by choosing the right components and technologies from the beginning will make the product more reliable. Working closely with our design team together we will develop the ideal hardware design ready for Schematic Capture. Typical technologies that can be incorporated into a design are:


- Embedded Microprocessor/Microcontroller

- Analogue, Digital, Mixed signal

- Programmable logic inc. PAL, GAL, CPLD

- Memory products inc. RAM, EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH, Serial Memory

- LCD, Alphanumeric/graphics, VFD

- Comms inc. serial, parallel, USB, 1²C, CAN, SPI

- PWM current controllers

- Secure encrypted data communication

- PC software for Microsoft Windows applications

- Sensors and Transducers

- Power Electronics

- RFID tagging

- Wireless, RF transmitters and receivers

- Infra-Red, LF Magnetic field

- GPS Satellite Tracking Systems

- GSM/GPRS Mobile network data


designSchematic Capture and Sim

IES use the very latest in software packages to design PCB'S, Altium's 'Altium Designer', with this we can take your ideas and turn them into reality.


Once the product specification and hardware has been agreed, the design team will create a schematic drawing incorporating any design rules that are necessary. If required the schematic can be simulated as long as spice models are available for the components. If you have a component database of preferred components in either Excel or Access, these can be linked to the schematic so that a BOM can be created.


PCB Design

After the schematic has been approved it can easily be converted to PCB and using stringent design rules the component footprints can be placed and tracks routed. We can design PCB's with up to 32 layers or even Flexible PCB's if you require. Once the PCB has been routed we can run tests on the PCB to check for errors. We can even produce a 3D image of what the PCB would look like when fully populated.


Software Design

designA complete software design service is available from concept to flowcharting, algorithms, assembler code or high level language. All software is subject to extensive testing at all stages to ensure compatibility with your exact requirements.



Software written for complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs) or embedded microcontrollers such as Intel or Microchip.



Software written in Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows, providing a graphical user interface for your project on a PC desktop or laptop.



On completion of the design we can manufacture either a one off prototype unit or small quantities for testing and evaluation. Any minor changes can then be made prior to production.


Full Production

We can offer you full production of your product including component sourcing, manufacture, assembly, testing, packaging and despatch and quality control.



We can offer continued support for your product in the form of installation, operation and maintenance manuals, product updates and, if required, a repair service contract.




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